Dr. John Brennan  

Dr. John Brennan is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at McMaster University and holds the Canada Research Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry and Biointerfaces. He is Director of the Biointerfaces Institute at McMaster University and co-Director of the Fraunhofer Project Center for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing at McMaster. His research focuses on the development of biosensors and point-of-care diagnostics, with projects on bioactive paper, high-throughput development of printable biomaterials, and development of assays utilizing functional nucleic acids (aptamers and DNAzymes) for diagnostics. Dr. Brennan leads an interdisciplinary research team of over 25 HQP, and has supervised over 100 trainees during his career. He has published over 170 peer-reviewed papers, given over 100 invited and keynote presentations, and has several patents in the areas of sol-gel materials, protein immobilization, DNA based assays, high throughput screening methods and bioactive paper.