Injectable Hydrogels


PEG and vitamin E injectable hydrogel for ocular drug delivery


Injectable Hudrogels.jpg

Injectable Vitamin E Based Delivery System for Posterior Segment Therapeutics: 

  • Composed of Vitamin E and PEG which have both shown previous compatibility with the eye
  • Long term release is possible with zero order kinetics and no burst
  • Degradation times can be tailored based on the composition of the system

Posterior segment diseases of the eye are often treated by frequent (monthly) injections which are onerous for the physician, inconvenient for the patient and carry a not insignificant risk of secondary complications.  There is a need for formulations which prolong the duration between injections.  We have developed a novel Vitamin E and PEG based polymer system which has an aqueous gelation mechanism allowing for prolonged release of ophthalmic therapeutics.

Description of the Invention
This novel polymer is comprised of two ocularly compatible systems and has been shown to be non toxic when injected into a rat eye.  This system is most suitable for more hydrophobic compounds, showing release durations to date in excess of 4 months with zero order release kinetics and no burst.  Degradation can be tailored depending on the need.

Potential Use and Applications
This system has the potential to deliver lower molecular weight hydrophobic drugs to the posterior segment for prolonged periods of 6 months or even longer.  Release is expected to be zero order in most cases.