Mucoadhesive micelle nanocarriers


Mucoadhesive Micelle.jpg

Mucoadhesive Micelles: 

  • Prolonged on eye residence times 
  • Extended release of small molecule hydrophobes
  • Effective degradation and clearance 

Eyedrops are a commonly used and well accepted method of delivering drugs to the eye.  However, due to the barrier function of the eye, less than 5% of the drug applied typically reaches the site of action.  There is a need for a better way to administer medication to the ocular surface.  We have developed a mucoadhesive micelle which bind to the surface of the front of the eye allowing for prolonged residence time and enhanced drug delivery.  The system is currently being examined for the delivery of cyclosporine A for the treatment of dry eye disease.

Description of the Invention:
A degradable micelle  modified on the surface with mucoadhesive phenyl boronic acid was shown to deliver cyclosporine A for at least two weeks.  These nanosized particles have shown no on eye toxicity and remain on the eye for periods longer than 24 hours, presumably through interactions with ocular mucin.  Preliminary data support their potential efficacy for the treatment of dry eye disease, with a full study currently in progress.

Potential Use and Applications:
These systems have the potential to deliver a variety of pharmaceutical actives to the anterior segment.